In Canada, a referendum will be held about the advisability of holding the Olympics in 2026 news ZIK.UA

У Канаді пройде референдум щодо доцільності проведення Олімпіади-2026 – новини ZIK.UA

A canadian city is calgary, which became one of three finalists in the contest to host the XXIV winter Olympics in 2026, will hold among the residents a referendum on whether the organization of these sports competitions.

A plebiscite will be held November 13, according to Although the decisions taken during this referendum are not binding, the poll is supported by all levels of government. So, the government of the province of Alberta, where calgary is located, has allocated 2 000 000 dollars to hold a plebiscite.

We will add that according to preliminary estimates of the organizing Committee, at the calgary Winter Olympics in 2026 will be $ 5 230 000 000$. The plan envisages the construction of two new facilities and restoration for the modern needs of sports arenas built for the winter Olympics of 1988. With 3 000 000 000 must come from the state, and the rest will make private investors and the international Olympic Committee.

Instead, it is expected that the Olympic games in 2026 will bring calgary and Alberta 7 400 000 000 dollars. For comparison, the Winter Olympic games in Vancouver in 2010 cost 7 700 000 000 dollars.

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