In Brazil a plane crashed into a two-storey residential building (VIDEO)

В Бразилии самолет упал на двухэтажный жилой дом (ВИДЕО)

In Sao Paulo, in the North of Brazil light aircraft Cessna 210N fell two-storey house. As a result of incident two persons were lost, 12 more have suffered.

This was reported in Twitter of the local fire service.

The fire occurred after the crash, damaged two cars that were near the apartment building. The causes of the accident are still unknown.

It is noted that the plane took off from the airport to Campo di Marti.

Earlier, in February 2017, it was reported that the Cessna 310, on Board of which were two spouses and three kids, fell on houses in a few minutes after takeoff from riverside airport in San Jose. In the crash killed four of the passengers, one teenager survived when hitting the ground she was thrown from the plane.

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