In Belgium recorded four cases of sending letters with white powder

 В Бельгии зафиксировали четыре случая рассылки писем с белым порошком

The fourth in a few days the case of mailing letters with suspicious white powder has been registered in Belgium, once again arrived on-call staff of the civil defense found no threats.

Earlier in the New year’s eve, envelope with suspicious powder was delivered to the house of the former state Secretary for migration Theo Franken.

Then the politician together with his family spent several hours in quarantine locked in rooms not yet confirmed the absence of threat. Then a suspicious envelope sent to the Palace of justice, city of Louvain, powder also turned out to be harmless, reports RIA Novosti.

On Thursday, police and officers of civil defense was out on a call to the building of the commune of Zaventem, in the suburbs of Brussels, where they also found a suspicious envelope. Employees briefly evacuated, the powder was taken for examination in the laboratory.

Later Thursday about the arrival of the letter was told by another politician, Chairman of the party, the Flemish Christian Democrats CD&V Water Beck.

“Letter with white powder addressed to me at the address of the party headquarters. Turned out to be a false alarm. I Express my gratitude to the police and civil defense, which worked professionally and accurately,” the politician said on Twitter.

As an illustration, he put photos of the opened envelope and the two civil protection officers in chemical protection suits and gas masks.

Law enforcement authorities have not reported whether these cases are combined into one investigation.