In Australia, the kangaroo attacked to feed his family

В Австралии кенгуру напал на кормившую его семью

In Australia, the kangaroo attacked to feed his family. The furious animal ran away only after he was hit with a shovel on the head.

About this newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald, reports

So, as a result of the animal attack the spouses and their son was taken to the hospital.

One of the victims — 64-year-old Linda Smith, who cares for living in the wild kangaroos. According to the woman, marsupials attacked her 60-year-old husband, who tried to feed him. Linda hurried spouse to help, but she was beaten. The furious animal broke her a few ribs and shredded by the claws of hands and feet. The victim also received a chest trauma.

Saved their parents 40-year-old son, who saw a fierce battle between the kangaroos and exhausted spouses. The man took the spade and struck the animal on the head. Before you retire, marsupials badly battered defender’s parents.

In the end, the family was hospitalized with multiple injuries. The doctors were shocked that they did a kangaroo. Suffered most of all the mother of the family. Soon the doctors are going to operate.

Earlier in Australia a kangaroo jumped on to the rider.

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