In Argentina an outbreak of the deadly Hantavirus

 В Аргентине зафиксирована вспышка смертельного хантавируса

Group infection occurred on the birthday celebration in the city Epuyen.

In the Argentine province of Chubut reported outbreaks of the deadly Hantavirus. It is possible that the virus could mutate, TV channel TeleSur.

13, died on January tenth victim of the virus outbreak — 29-year-old Chilean, who visited the Argentine city Epuyen. Group infection occurred on November 24 on the birthday celebration of one of the residents Epuyen, which came to the man, who was infected when cleaning the barn from contact with the mouse. In just a month and a half was was 28 cases, reported health authorities,reports REGNUM.

The virus is transmitted to humans from rodents, and then from person to person. In Eugene quarantined, forbidden to hold meetings and night vigils at the grave of the deceased. Writ isolated 85 people in contact with sick people.

Doctors do not exclude that the Hantavirus can mutate and increase its danger to humans, therefore, in laboratories, genome sequencing of the virus.

Throughout Argentina from 2013 to 2018 from Hantavirus died 111. In the province of Chubut in the past year there were registered 9 cases of the disease.