In Ancient Greece predicted the emergence of artificial intelligence

В Древней Греции предсказывали появлении искусственного интеллекта

Adrian, the mayor of Stanford University has stated that in the Greek texts there is mention of killer robots and modern technology. All research results were mentioned in the book “Gods and robots”.

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In myths coming from Ancient Greece, there is evidence of modern developments, for example, about artificial intelligence and machines without drivers (drones). As an example, Talos. This is a huge machine made of bronze, the most similar to man in appearance. It was created by the God of artisans, Hephaestus.

Also worth mentioning Pandora, which, according to the mayor, was programmed on the radiation of evil. The expert admits that the Greeks were not able to create mythical creatures, but they fantasize about them.

In the works of Homer there are robots replacing servants, living statues and even some versions of AI. The Greeks wrote that the creation of cars using conventional materials and artisans ‘ tools.

Earlier it became known astrological prediction for Ukrainians.

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