In Afghanistan as a result of Taliban attack killed 16 police officers

В Афганистане в результате атаки талибов погибли 16 полицейских

Militants of the radical group the Taliban killed at least 16 Afghan policemen and two civilians in the province of Bagdis in the West of Afghanistan.

About it reports DW.

As reported, citing a senior representative in the security of Afghanistan, the Taliban tried to capture eight checkpoints in the province of Bagdis. Before they managed to capture two of them and secured in them, having received reinforcements. During the fighting killed 16 Afghan police.

In the local administration said that the Taliban also hid the explosives on the body of a dead soldier. It was detonated at the moment when the body tried to evacuate from the scene. The explosion killed two civilians.
Recall that in Kabul (Afghanistan), an explosion occurred in front of the University, where there were about 2 thousand theologians.

Police in Kabul confirmed the incident, but details have not yet been announced, noting that is likely the number affected will be high enough.

According to police, the explosion made a suicide bomber and it was directed at the participants of the Council of Afghan Ulema (the highest religious body of Afghanistan-ed.).

According to AP, the attack killed four theologians, injuring one. While the responsibility for explosion has claimed no organization.

It is reported that about 2 thousand members of the Council gathered for the Loya Jirga or Council of elders in a traditional tent set for the meeting. Previously, the Council issued an Islamic ruling or fatwa stating that suicide attacks “Haram” – forbidden under Islamic law.

The Council includes Muslim clerics, scholars and men of authority in religion and law from across the country, issued a fatwa at a meeting Monday in Kabul, which was attended by about 2,000 members of the Board.

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