In 2019 will fly a political head – astrologer

В 2019 году полетят многие политические головы - астролог  

In 2019 won’t stay in the chair, the President of France and Prime Minister of great Britain, will leave Angela Merkel, possibly trump leave early.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the astrologer Vlad Ross.

Astrologer predicts that the coming year will be tightening and tightening the screws at the end of 2019.

V. Ross noted that the year of the Pig – the year of great opportunity, optimism, expansion. This year will fly many political heads. Won’t stay in the chair, the President of France, Prime Minister, will take Angela Merkel. Perhaps, trump will leave early.

“As far as money, financial flows, they are in the course of the year will go to Ukraine, thanks to optimistic Jupiter in Sagittarius, which will be held until December 2019. The default in our country. The world financial crisis will not” – said the astrologer.

According to Mr Ross, there is a risk threat to the global crisis, which is possible since the autumn of 2019 – the middle point between September and October. This is due to eclipses in 2019.

“Can invade the mass financial hysteria. The collapse of the ruble and Turkish Lira, other currencies, including the Euro, waiting for a similar situation,” – said the astrologer.

We will remind, earlier it was reported, Petro Poroshenko at the end of the race could reach second place, given its resource superiority.