In 2019, will collapse the price of computer components

В 2019 году рухнут цены на компьютерные комплектующие

Prices on SSDs will continue to fall

Analysts DRAMeXchange released a report about forecasts of the prospects of the market of flash memory and SSDs in 2019. The results were very pleasant for consumers.

Prices on solid state drives for 2018 has significantly decreased the average cost of a SSD in international retail was 30 cents per Gigabyte of storage, and in October of 2018 — only 15 cents. This situation allowed the eminent brands to release SSD drives at an affordable price. Currently, it is possible to find the promotional offers with a price less than 0.1 dollar per Gigabyte, transfers

At DRAMeXchange expect that by the end of the current quarter the cost of flash memory will fall to 20% and in II quarter it will drop another 15%. Since mid-summer, the fall will slow down due to seasonal variations, but the prices will continue to fall by about 10% every quarter. In the end, according to analysts ‘ estimates, the average cost of NAND Flash for all the year 2019 will be reduced by almost half.

The reason for the trend is the continued weakness of demand in the field “laptops, smartphones, servers and other end products.” The main producers of NAND flash memory has invested billions of dollars in the construction and expansion of factories a few years ago amid high demand and are now forced to reduce the pace of development.

It is expected that capital investment in the industry will be reduced by 2% this year to limit the production of memory chips. For comparison, in 2018, investment in the production of flash memory worldwide decreased by almost 10%.