IMAS opinion poll: the PDM is the party that can attract foreign investment and develop the road infrastructure

 Опрос IMAS: ДПМ - партия, которая может привлечь иностранные инвестиции и развить дорожную инфраструктуру

The democratic party of the inhabitants of our country consider a formation that knows how to attract foreign investments and develop road infrastructure. This is indicated by the results of a recent survey conducted by IMAS-order PDM.

So, according to the study, a quarter of respondents believe that to improve the situation in the country could the Party of socialists. Nearly 18% say that it is capable of the Democratic party. Approximately 8.5% tend to believe that life will be better thanks to the Party “Platform dignity and truth” or the Party of Action and solidarity.

According to the survey, over 28% of respondents believe that the PDM knows how to improve the road infrastructure. The proof is realized in this year’s program “Good roads for Moldova”, which will continue in 2019-th, and in which repaired 1,600 kilometers of local roads. Every fifth Respondent believes that in this area to achieve success can psrm. 15.5 percent responded that will improve the situation on the roads tandem PDS-CPNP, and 5% inclined to believe the party “shore”.

The greatest number of people – more than 22% – believe that the Democrats are able to attract large amount of investment. We all know that the invested funds mean a greater number of jobs and the welfare of citizens. Every fifth Respondent believes that foreign entrepreneurs in our country can attract the socialists. 18% tend to think that it will make the tandem of parties PDS-CPNP. The party of “the SHORE” received 4.5%.

Nearly 25% of respondents believe that to develop the economy of the country will be able psrm. Almost 21% believes in the power of the democratic party. Tandem PDS-CPNP scored this question more than 18%, and the Party “shore” – 4,5%.

According to the study, almost half of the respondents believe that the party of socialists and the party will be able to create new jobs and is able to act for the good of the country.

IMAS poll was conducted from 11 to 23 December. It was attended by over a thousand respondents from 108 settlements. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 2.5%.