If Todorov becomes the head of the “heart Institute”, the situation there becomes critical – the Deputy

Если Тодуров не станет руководителем «Института сердца», то ситуация там станет критической – депутат

If Boris Todorov, who is the Creator of the “heart Institute”, will not be its head, the situation there is extremely critical.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Tatiana Bakhteyeva.

“Now there are elections at the heart Institute, we are also very worried and want it to be democratic, openly and honestly. But there are representatives of the MoH, which of course will play some dirty role,” – said the Deputy.

According to T. Bakhteeva, God forbid, if Todorov who is the Creator of this medical institution, will not be its head, the situation there is extremely critical.

“If he does not become a leader, many members support it from all factions. I think that will require choices and then have 226 deputies I am sure will be there when you vote,” she said.

We will remind, today in the Metropolitan heart Institute elections for a new Director. The contract with current head – surgeon of the capital of Todorovi expired in November. However, it is the main contender for the victory. For Todurov – not only the scientific staff of the Institute, but also many politicians. Against – the Ministry of health in the person of Uliana Suprun. And nationalists from C14, which a few days ago broke into the medical facility.