If the government will interfere in the electoral process, serious offenses to avoid – analyst

Если власть будет вмешиваться в избирательный процесс, то серьезных правонарушений не избежать – политолог

If the government will actively intervene in the electoral process, serious offenses to avoid

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said political expert Valentin Gaidai.

“That is, before the campaign started, but already there is a breach. It is clear that the expected worsening in the presidential and parliamentary election campaigns, because the stakes are high and it is expected the involvement of the power of administrative resources. Possible a different manipulation of the same fraud. Moreover, quite a sharp struggle going on between the main participants of the presidential campaign, Tymoshenko and Poroshenko. We know that the opposition wing, so to speak, white and blue, broke. So, of course, the fight will be pretty tough, and I think offenses can not be avoided. They already have. Question how high is the degree of this struggle. And what percentage of offenses will go by the authorities,” – said the analyst.

According to Viktor Gaidai, it’s one thing when there is a showdown between candidates from the opposition, and another thing, when in the elections interfere with the power when she puts pressure on the CEC, local election commissions and in the end it leads to falsification of elections, and, of course, to offenses.

“If the government will distance himself from the influence on the CEC, the pressure of its members, to the district election commissions, it is possible that some global offenses will not. But if she would actively interfere in the electoral process, I repeat that serious offenses be avoided,” he said.

Recall netpolice registered 266 allegations of violations of election laws and opened 8 criminal proceedings.