Ice Age 5 : how Scrat has become the mascot of the saga ?

L'Âge de glace 5 : comment Scrat est devenu la mascotte de la saga ?

Hopeless blunderer, the rodent Scrat has become one of the cult characters of the saga, The ice Age, and the mascot of the studio Blue Sky. Check out the story of this unlikely hero.

The Age of ice, it is all a bunch of prehistoric animals that used to live thousand and one adventures, at the discretion of the episodes. There are Manny the mammoth, Sid the sloth, and Diego the sabre toothed tigers. Is that all ? But no, he misses someone, a character, but totally inseparable from each film, and even the studio’s Blue Sky, of which he became the figurehead, the mascot, the icon. That ? But Scrat, of course, the rodent who is desperately looking for his penis in the wire of each of the episodes.

This strange animal kind of mix antediluvian between a squirrel and a rat with teeth prominent, is not part of the group formed by Manny, Sid and the others. He lives his adventures to share, in solitary, only obsessed with his favourite fruit he chases them relentlessly. And it is this incessant quest (and hilarious) that is at the origin of the disasters that the main heroes will have to face : the collapse of a glacier in The ice Age 2 (2006), the drift of the continents in The ice Age 4 (2012), and downright the fall of a meteorite on the Earth in The ice Age : the laws of the universe, the fifth installment (2016).

The origins of this blundering hero and swoon-worthy, adored by children, is not very clear. The name Scrat is a contraction of the words Squirrel (squirrel in English) and rat. According to Chris Wedge, director of the first film of the saga animated, Scrat is a variation of a squirrel sketched by the famous animator Peter de Sève, in which large teeth have been added. The two men would have chosen this character in order to open The ice Age first by the name, the heroes tiny in the face of the immensity of a glacier. According to Michael J. Wilson, screenwriter of the first movie, Scrat would be born of the imagination of his three-year old daughter. A designer in new york has even stated that she was the mother of our hero, but has lost the court case which pitted him against Fox, producer of the saga. Anyway, the public is not ready to get tired of the antics of this adorable creature !