I want to vote. How to make sure that I in lists: manual

Хочу проголосовать. Как убедиться, что я в списках: инструкция

Already soon Ukrainians will be able to exercise their constitutional right and vote in the presidential election. However, it must not only have the right to vote, but also to make sure your name is included in the electoral list.

Today it can be done from the comfort of your sofa. LIGA.net experience, offers readers a short and clear instructions on how to check for their names in lists.


If you have access to the Internet, make sure that you are in the lists in two minutes. To do this, go to the personal Cabinet of the voter on the State register of voters. In the left sidebar, click “Verify” and enter personal identification data, namely: name, date of birth, email and a registered place of residence.

Хочу проголосовать. Как убедиться, что я в списках: инструкция

Personal Cabinet of the voter on the State register of voters (screenshot)

Completing all items, click on the button “Verify data”. Further to your e-mail will receive a letter with the code. Code will be valid for 15 minutes after posting, so please check your mail.

After entering the code, your request will be processed within 10-15 seconds. If you are in lists, you will see a confirmation on the screen of your computer or phone. You will also receive information about the number and address of your polling station where you will be able to vote.

It should be noted that the personal page of the voter has a good mobile version, so you can use the online verification is possible, not including the computer.


If the system did not find your name, then solve this question online fail. Here you have two options.

The first is to personally visit your polling station, when the preliminary lists. In this election, stations must obtain preliminary list to 23 March inclusive. 24 Mar lists should be made public on the territory of land plots to citizens had the opportunity to check their names.

The second – to visit the body maintaining the State register of voters. Where is your – can be found on the registry website at this link.

In both cases, it is necessary to take the passport. You will need it for writing applications. According to the law, the application for listing should be submitted no later than five days before the elections, that is till March 26.


Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the Internet. It concerns, primarily, the elderly and residents of remote settlements. For this category of voters, the script repeats the previous section. Take your passport with you and go either to the plot or the body maintaining the registry.


If you are outside Ukraine, must become on the consular account. In this case, your data will contribute to the voters ‘ lists, and you’ll be able to vote at overseas polling station.

If you are not on a consular registry, it is possible to get on the list of voters by changing their electoral address. For this we need to personally apply to the foreign diplomatic institution of Ukraine.

If you have registered, but on election day back in Ukraine, it is necessary to withdraw from the consular account, to be able to vote at the place of registration or temporarily change the place of voting.

The election date is getting closer, therefore, advises if possible, to double-check the availability of your name in the voter lists. Because risk March 31, to come to the site and say: “you are not in the lists”. Ensure the implementation of your constitutional rights – the right of choice.