“I asked for help”: Bebeshko remembered how Oleg Vinnik

"I asked for help": Bebeshko remembered how Oleg Vinnik
“I asked for help”: Bebeshko remembered how Oleg Vinnik

Ukrainian producer Vladimir Bebeshko told how he started his career popular singer Oleg Vinnik, who recorded the “male” video from the rest.

“Oleg Vinnik came to Ukraine from Germany, and I was the first one from whom he asked for help to unwind,” Bebeshko said in an interview with Channel 24. “I made him the first album – music for an intelligent audience. but then he recorded simple songs like, “Hair smells like spring,” “Nino, with whom you drink wine, with whom you play dominoes.” And this music captivated the hearts of the Ukrainian public, and he got a frenzied popularity. “

However, Vladimir Bebeshko believes that the popularity of the artist is fully justified.

“Absolutely.” If someone thinks that it’s so easy to write a song that will become a hit in the people, then he is deeply mistaken. Vinnyk writes them sincerely, from the heart. “And people like this and they perceive it,” says the producer.

Recall, Oleg Vinnik admitted, what clothes he likes. Earlier, Oleg Vinnik talked about how he keeps himself in shape. According to Oleg Vinnik, everyone in his team is engaged in sports: “Sometimes, we run together, sometimes 5-6 people gather.” My drivers are still at the gym, and when we go up into the mountains, there are a lot of people going in. By the way, then climb the Hoverla. ”

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