Hyundai introduced the four-legged concept car

Hyundai представил четырехногий коцепт-кар

South Korean automaker Hyundai presented a concept car on four legs in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics.

This writes kratko-news.

This polyatomic that moves on wheels, but he also gets up and walks over rough terrain, for example, in the rescue operations.

It is a robotic vehicle that can actually save lives in the event of a disaster. Legs consisting of separate connections, can climb a wall height of 1.5 meters, keeping passengers in a fully horizontal position. It’s explained David Byron from a design company Sundberg-Ferar, who works with the automaker.

If necessary, the wheels allow the vehicle to move in the traditional way, he added. Another possible use of the Elevate is a taxi for people with disabilities, so how can it take them before they are flat. According to project leaders, can also be used for research on the moon or on Mars.