Hungarian scientists have figured out why zebras need stripes on the skin

Венгерские ученые выяснили, зачем зебрам нужны полосы на шкуре

Scientists were able to determine why the zebras are so “unusual” outfit. As it turned out, from predators it does not mask, but protects against insects.

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The experiment was conducted by scientists from the University of Budapest. Researchers exposed to the open air several mannequins, one of which was black and white and the other solid. According to the theory, the lines contribute to the diffusion of light, whereby insects are harder to see the victim. And this, incidentally, confirmed in practice: a plain dummy bloodsuckers sat in 10 times more often.

African and Australian aborigines follow the example of the Zebra: they are also applied to the body in various patterns, which, moreover, able to distinguish tribal affiliation.

In hot regions it is particularly important to protect against insects, as they carry various diseases. Horse flies are especially dangerous: they cause painful itching and often infect people. During the experiments it was found that horseflies are often “hunt” animals with a dark color.

There is a theory that the Zebra stripes to identify their relatives. However, official confirmation of this thought is no.

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