Hundreds of workers of municipal services of the capital cleared the yards of snow from the morning

 Сотни рабочих муниципальных служб расчищали столичные дворы от снега с самого утра

In the Metropolitan yards of snow cleared in the morning. Workers of municipal services was cleaning the sidewalks, stopping, and pedestrian crossings.

“Today it is clearer. It is evident that measures have been taken. Night probably worked soldiers. Everything was done very well.”

“Compared to yesterday was better. The road was cleared, it became easier to pass. Easier not only to drivers but also to pedestrians. And weather conditions were better.”

Road workers managed to clear and some of the courtyards of apartment buildings.

“We worked to the maximum. The whole city is mobilized. Work will continue today and tomorrow, to provide in Chisinau maximum comfort and safety,” said acting mayor Ruslan Codreanu.

Some residents of high-rise buildings themselves were clearing driveways.

“If we do not, will not make one. See for yourselves what it’s like on our roads.”

“If they cleared roads and yards, it would be easier, and so the only children on sleds interesting.”

“Our problem is that everybody talks, but nobody does”.

On clearing the courtyards of apartment buildings has sent 36 units of special equipment.