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Як правильно обрати тенісну ракетку?® – новини ZIK.UA

The choice of a tennis racket is serious business. They are classified by the length of the handle, the stringed area of the surface, of weight, tension and composition of the strings. Beginners choose the racket up to 69 inches, professional long.

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Tennis came to us that the English aristocrat, major Walter Unglu. Tennis racket invented this persona and, of course, different from today. First made of wood, but this material was impractical and very fragile. So over time wood was replaced by aluminum because it is durable, ductile metal which is highly appreciated for its features.

But time does not stand still. Now, best racket for tennis is created from a mixture of different materials. Moreover, each sports brand keeps the secret of creating its products.

The most common types of rackets for tennis

Choosing a good racquet is really a difficult task. Depending on the style of play, weight, height of the player, the racket is divided into several types:

  • Kids and Teens
  • For beginners is designed to increase the capacity and reliability of the game;
  • For fans of;
  • For professionals with increased control.

Baby rackets are divided by age groups. Regarding sports equipment for adults, here the distribution takes place on the weight, type, material, size, handle and head, the balance of the racket. Parameters that are selected crucial attribute is really a lot.

First of all, the racket atDilyaYutsya by type of material:

  • Composite elements – a mixture of titanium, graphite and other alloys. Products durable but not suitable for professional tennis;
  • Aluminum – lightweight, plastic, cheap. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts. Also not suitable for those whose style of play is quite aggressive and consists mainly of attacking techniques;
  • Fiberglass – ceramic-like properties but is not as brittle and more flexible. Suitable for Amateurs and beginners;
  • Graphite – durable, lightweight, allows you to feel the ball and to work hard. Graphite like professionals and sports stars. Pure products are extremely rare, as manufacturers improve its properties by adding resin and other elements;
  • Titanium has similar properties to graphite, but harder. Manufacturers are trying to mix it with other elements to give it lightness and to maintain rigidity;
  • Carbon – carbon fiber is stiffer and lighter than titanium. It belongs to the most expensive and high quality graphite. This material was developed in conjunction with NASA.

Now every year there are more technological materials such as “d3o”. It is based on technology of intelligent molecules, that is, the racket adapts to the player to his shock, the game of manners. However, it is still too expensive.

Also rackets are divided by the length of the handle, square the racket face, weight, tension and composition of the strings. Beginners choose the racket up to 69 inches, professional long. As for weight – the heavier the racquet, the greater the force of impact. Therefore, to keep such a racket can only craftsmen and professionals.

The strings of the rackets are made of natural and synthetic materials. Most athletes prefer synthetic. They are not inferior in natural quality, but much cheaper.

The choice is serious business, especially sports equipment. Therefore the more thorough will be the approach, the better will be the game. Listen to experts stores like All4Tennis, and don’t run after cheap goods.

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