How many have to go to bed to sleep

Во сколько нужно ложиться спать, чтобы высыпаться

How to get from sleep maximum energy

Waking up early is useful, but how to do it without pain? American scientists from the University of Exeter conducted a study and found that people who Wake up with first rays of the sun, depression happens less frequently than those who like to luxuriate in bed until lunch time.

And there’s a scientific explanation. From 10 to 12 produces the sleep hormone melatonin, which is also called hormone of happiness. Thanks to him, our body is resting, reports

And to fall asleep faster, from 7 PM to translate the body, especially the stomach, in the power saving mode.

“After 19: 00 no exercise. After the gym and the pool in the evening – morning, no people sleepy,” – said the sleep Yuri Pidhirtsi.

I wanted to sleep during the day – do not deny yourself. To recover on sleep, but tramite. The best time to NAP is around 15: 00 but no later because to keep the evening on schedule will not work.