Hotels in Paris have suffered losses because of the protests (PHOTOS)

Гостиницы в Париже понесли убытки из-за акций протестов (ФОТО)

Hotels in Paris suffered damages in the amount of about ten million euros due to the protests of the yellow jackets.

This was reported by Reuters.

It is noted that after the start of clashes between demonstrators and police a large number of hotel armor has been cancelled. Mostly the visits were cancelled, tourists who planned to spend a weekend or New year in Paris.

GNI Association representing the hotel and restaurant industry, said that revenues had fallen by 40-50% over the weekend compared to last year.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor also said that the protests have had some impact on the economy, but to assess the damage yet.

Recall that in the stock against the increase in fuel prices has taken part more than 300 thousand people all over France. The movement of the yellow jackets received its name because of the equipment demonstrators, who are dressed in reflective yellow vests.

More than a week protesters block roads throughout France, making it difficult to access some inventory databases, shopping centers and factories.

Earlier it was reported about 130 detainees during the protests.

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