“Honour killing” in India the relatives of the dismembered 16-year-old girl

«Убийство чести»: в Индии родственники расчленили 16-летнюю девушку

In India, there was another “honour killing” – a family brutally murdered 16-year-old girl who decided to get married in mystery.

About it reports The Guardian.

The incident occurred in the town of Gaya, state Bihar in India. 16-year-old girl ran away from home to secretly marry. After a few days she returned home in the hope that relatives will accept it and understand, but it turned out that they decided to kill her.

After they killed her, the girl’s body doused with acid, and then dismembered. After that, they hid the remains and called the police with a statement about the disappearance, possible murder, and rape.

A few weeks later the police found the corpse of the girl and held a number of examinations that proved that there was no rape.

“After the body was found and tests, we tried several times to call parents to record their statements, but they came up with lame excuses and from meetings refused,” – said the chief of police of the city of Gaia Rajiv Mishra.

He noted that attempts to avoid meeting with the police gave them the idea that family can be involved in the murder of a teenager. At the moment the police appeared suspect.

Such murders happen quite often, and the locals make the so-called “honour killings”, to deal with those who are married or married without the permission of the family and the community.

Photos of the deceased 16-year-old girls got into a social network. They had seen attacked with acid the body of a teenager. These photos have caused a storm of protest in Gaia. People went out with candles in their hands and demanded to stop the killing. Over the past few years, there were about a hundred cases.

Also, earlier it was reported that in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh in early November, a baby girl was born, which turned out to be three hands. Third hand girls underdeveloped and represents only brush with the fingers sticking out from under the arms of healthy right hand.