Honda will introduce in Europe a small electric car

 Honda представит в Европе маленький электрокар

Company Honda has announced the imminent debut on the European market of electric Urban hatchback. In fact, the production model of the compact hatch will be adapted for the conveyor version of the concept, 2017, and premium.

Based on released by “Honda” first teaser of the electric car and spy photos of pre-production prototypes, we can assume that changes in the design of the concept associated primarily with increasing its functionality. For example, the serial sample of Urban a little more strained the front, five doors instead of three and five seats instead of four,reports Vesti.

In addition, apparently, the Honda Urban will remain very thin pillars (this solution should improve visibility from the driver’s seat), original led optics and an impressive horizontal monitor on the front panel. Will he be as big as the concept, where it stretched almost from pillar to a-pillar, is still unknown. It is also unclear whether it will maintain the production version of electrodata the communications panel that was installed on the prototype in place of the radiator grille: with its help the concept of Urban can welcome the neighbors in the thread and notify about the supply of electricity.

Not disclosed yet and the data about the power plant future trends. However, it is unlikely it will hit its characteristics: according to preliminary data of the edition Autocar, batteries can store energy sufficient for small hatchback (with a total length of 895 mm 3) for overcoming the maximum of 250 km.

To debut Honda Urban needs in the framework of the March exhibition in Geneva, and European sales of electric cars, is expected to start soon after the premiere. I wonder what Honda is going to position their electromoving as a model of the premium nature, and, accordingly, expect low prices from Honda Urban, despite its size, is not necessary.