High-rise building in Botanica, is connected to the heating system

 Многоэтажки на Ботанике  подключили к системе отопления

30 apartment buildings in Chisinau’s Botanica district, which before were left without heat, connected to the system. Employees “Termoelectrica” worked all night.

People were left without heating because of an accident on heating systems. A pipe burst. Experts say that it wore out long ago. “There are Union Fenosa, is manifold, so we couldn’t use heavy equipment. Worked eight fitters, one by four, has not eliminated the problem. The thickness of the broken pipe, two millimeters, so you can not make good welding quality,” said technical Director, Alexander Lupan.While the workers have eliminated the problem, people warmed themselves as best they could.”Cold, but warm. Dress warmly, it is necessary to seek a way out of the situation.”