Hiding in chairs: Little squirrel scared the American cops (VIDEO)

Прятались на стульях: Маленькая белка испугала американских копов (ВИДЕО)

The Illinois state police in the US have published a video in which a squirrel snuck into the reception room of the police station.

This writes a realist.online.

Police officers tried not to allow the animal to continue the invasion, and one of the police officers even hid it on her chair.

Footage posted to Facebook of the police Department McHenry.

“The officer is standing on a chair because he was scared, by the way. This is a tactical approach of the police,” joked the Department, in comments to the message.

It is noted that the protein was able to exit the building without injury.

We will remind, in a Network there was a video about how in new York on the tree squirrel eats the loaf with the egg, which reaches half the size of most proteins.