He joked: Lyashko responded to the presidential call Zelensky

Отшутился: Ляшко ответил на президентский вызов Зеленского

The leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko in the show Anna Butkevich “Without makeup” told about his attitude to the parodies that it makes, in particular, the Studio “95 quarter”, led by Vladimir Zelensky, reports the observer.

“Zelensky is a wimp. There is some parody. Pornography, and not a parody. Presidential met… Which President?” – he was indignant. This Lyashko said that a 45-million strong nation not to be trifled with. “If you want to joke, stand before a mirror and joke”, – said the politician.

In addition, the main radical of the country recalled its initiative to check the presidential candidates in psychiatrist and psychiatrist. “Because they used drugs, smoked, drank, and now go to the President because they want to make a joke,” said the head of the RPL.

He himself during the show also didn’t hold back and openly joked. For example, on the question of why the portfolios of people’s deputies wear their assistants, Lyashko said: “I think maybe because their hands were out W*NN rose.”