Happy birthday to Mel Gibson : what becomes of the actor and australian director ?

Bon anniversaire Mel Gibson : que devient l'acteur et réalisateur australien ?

Actor worship and director intense, Mel Gibson has been absent from screens since the release of Thou shalt not kill, his fifth realization. But there is no shortage of projects, more or less advanced.

Actor worship of the years 80-90 with sagas ultra popular, such as Mad Max or The lethal Weapon, Mel Gibson has somewhat lowered the rate in recent years, advancing age for him, as for everyone it is true. To prove it, the actor and director is no longer appeared on the screen or in the credits of a movie since 2016, and the outputs to a few months apart from Blood Father , and of the drama of war , Thou shalt not kill, her fifth passage behind the camera.

The man does not lack, however, no projects. Often in the furrows that he has already dug with success, the thriller and the war movie. The film’s most advanced appear to be the thriller police officer sorting starts across concrete, screened out of competition at the last Venice film Festival, and the drama The Professor and the Madman, in which he will be a doctor of the 19th century specialist in mental diseases. Two movies announced for the spring of 2019, a little everywhere in the world, but who do not yet have a release date in France.

Among the other projects of Mel Gibson’s still in pre-production phase include the thriller Waldo for which he will inquire with Charlie Hunnam on the murder of the wife of a television star, the action film War Pigs, and the film adaptation of the famous series The Man who was worth three billion. Finally, a fervent catholic, Gibson was still in its boxes The Ressurection, sort of following his Passion of the Christ, which was the headlines in 2004. I’ll let you guess the subject of this film…