Half-naked Svetlana Loboda his teeth in a glass (PHOTO)

Полуобнаженная Светлана Лобода вцепилась зубами в стакан (ФОТО)

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who recently performed at a private party in Kiev, excited fans a candid snapshot.

A photo posted to her Instagram.

The picture shows the singer posing Topless, holding in the mouth a plastic Cup. Note that slinky black jumpsuit barely covering the breast of the singer, and the hair Svetlana carelessly in a bun.

“What?”, – ambiguously signed photo of the artist.

Subscribers singer rebuked her excessive frankness. “What will not know….but photos, to put it mildly, ugly. Like do not give,” “I think, so no need to be naked. You’re so gorgeous without it. Each song is like a bomb, each clip is a masterpiece”, “undressed would be bald, obscene”, “Too openly”, “but Boldly,” wrote in the comments netizens.