Hackers learned how to hack the Google Chrome browser via Wi-Fi network

Хакеры научились взламывать браузер Google Chrome через сеть Wi-Fi

Computer hackers learned how to hack the Google Chrome browser via Wi-Fi. For this you need to confirm the password for the router of the victim. The vulnerability was discovered by security experts SureCloud.

It is reported by The Sun.

While hacking the user sees in their browser window, reminiscent of the setup menu of the router and on the machine, can click “Confirm”. After that, Google Chrome (sites passwords, credit card, etc.) become available to the attacker.

SureCloud has already alerted Google to the problem, but they said that they do not see reasons for extraordinary protective updates. However, the company promised that it will be such an opportunity for hacking.

Experts recommend users not to connect to unprotected Wi-Fi networks and create a strong password to the router. Also suggest not to go to suspicious websites.

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