Hackers in Germany have published data of hundreds of politicians and famous people

Хакеры в Германии опубликовали данные сотен политиков и известных людей

In Germany, 4 January, there was a hacker attack, which led to a massive leak of personal information, according to preliminary estimates, the largest in the country.

About this reports Deutsche Welle.

As noted, the Internet got personal information against politicians, journalists and other famous people. Who is behind the data breach is still unknown.

In turn, the newspaper Bild reported that the leak has touched the key parties in Germany: Christian democratic Union (CDU), Christian social Union (CSU), Social democratic party of Germany (SPD), Green party, Free democratic party (FDP), Left party of Germany. In particular, it was disclosed personal data 405 deputies of the diet, the Bundestag and the European Parliament, representatives of the CDU (CSU).

Also leaks from injured 294 policy of the SPD, 105 Green, 82 of the Left party and 28 members of the Free democratic party (FDP). At the same time, Bild notes that data right populist party “Alternative for Germany” (ADN) has not yet been posted on the web.

Among the prominent politicians that are likely to become victims of hacker attacks – German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and former Chairman of the Social democratic party (SPD) Sigmar Gabriel.

The hackers also gained access to data of known TV presenters, journalists, singers, musical groups and artists of Germany. So, at least 33 journalists from the German broadcaster ARD were victims of cyber attacks, among them known for his revelations about doping in Russian sports journalist Seppelt Gallo.

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) is investigating the cyber attacks.

Previously, hackers from China stole secret information of the US Navy.