H & M in Ukraine: why it’s cool

H & M in Ukraine: why it's cool
H & M in Ukraine: why it’s cool
When in the distant 1947 the future founder of H & M Erling Persson arrived in the US, he could not have dreamed that after 70 years the network of his shops would become the largest retail network in Europe. Impressed not so much by local attractions as by the incredible luxury and scope of the New York department stores Macy’s and Barney’s, even the likes of which were not in the dilapidated post-war Europe, the entrepreneur opened his first Hennes store, where he began to sell women’s clothing, simple and affordable majority.

In the late 60’s, Persson decided to develop his business and bought a store for fishermen and hunters Mauritz Widforss, which, after merging with the former, became part of the whole, and the network received the current name of Hennes & Mauritz – H & M – and expanded the range for men and children. In the 80’s the brand went beyond Scandinavia, and at the beginning of zero conquered the American market, which, in fact, was grateful for its appearance.

Low prices

Since the first days of its existence, prices in H & M have been democratic. The motto of the company reads: “Fashion and quality at the best price -” Fashionable and high-quality clothing at affordable prices. ” Therefore, its production cycles are the fastest in the world – the thing from the sketch to the finished specimen passes less than a month. And new collections are issued more than once a season, and every week, which allows you to constantly reduce prices for “obsolete” things.

The level of cost is also affected by the lack of own factories, because of which things are mostly stitched in poor countries of Asia by representatives of the local population who do not have much to pay, for which H & M is constantly being criticized because of the infringement of the rights of third world workers. And also the company does not own its own shops, it rents the area, thus reducing the cost.

Cooperation with famous designers

At the moment, not one brand in the world cares so much about its image, as N & M does. Since 2004, the company has started active cooperation with well-known designers, the first of which was Karl Lagerfeld himself. The capsule collection he created came in only two dozen stores and was sold out in a matter of hours.

After that, N & M realized that it was not worth stopping, and a year later a collection appeared from Stella McCartney, and then there were Versace, Marni, Lanvin, Isabel Marant, Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo, Comme des Garcons and many others. Did not pass the brand side and show business stars – Madonna, Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry.

H & M makes a high fashion closer

If H & M arranges an advertising campaign, it does so with a truly royal scope. The event is covered by all possible media, and Naomi Kepmbel, Miranda Kerr, David Beckham and Adrian Brody appear on the advertising posters. By the way, the first model that acted as the brand’s face was the soloist of the Swedish ABBA team Anni-Frid Lingstad, who had the honor to advertise cosmetics.

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