Guinness world record: Japan has collected a huge Mona Lisa of crackers – news ZIK.UA

Residents of the Japanese city of Soko has created a reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” (La Gioconda) rice crackers “roasted Resv Yanik”.

It is reported

Рекорд Гіннеса: в Японії зібрали величезну «Мону Лізу» з крекерів – новини ZIK.UA

The portrait has a height of 13 m and a width of about 9 m. In its creation was attended by about 200 citizens. They had two days and about 24 thousand crackers of seven different colours.

The record was fixed by representatives of the Guinness Book of records. After this mosaic was dismantled and handed out crackers to everyone as Souvenirs.

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