GTA in real life: Mentally ill man committed a series of crimes and killed himself with a knife

GTA в реальной жизни: Психически нездоровый мужчина совершил ряд преступлений и убил себя ножом

In Sydney the police tried to stop the suspect due to the lack of license plates.

This is reported by the media.

The incident occurred after the police tried to stop the suspect due to the lack of license plates. The driver rammed a police car after he left his car and stole a truck from the supermarket.

The young man drove through the town 20 km away, hitting several cars along the way. Then 24-year-old attacker tried to steal another car, hitting a passerby with a knife who tried to stop him. The police finally stopped the attacker, when he was going to steal a taxi, but the man killed himself by sticking a knife in the chest and died at the scene. The Commissioner reported that the man was known to police, but did not have a significant criminal history.

“The offender wasn’t trying to intentionally hurt people. This was a man who tried to do everything to avoid arrest. His actions, particularly when he stabbed an innocent man – the actions of a person who, in our view, has problems with mental health,” said Deputy Commissioner Mick Fitzgerald.

We will remind, earlier it was reported, in Odessa police officers previously it is established that the man inflicted fatal injuries to his stepson, then committed suicide by hanging.