Groisman will not receive extension of their powers: This requirement is contrary to the interests of Poroshenko – analyst

Гройсман не получит расширения своих полномочий: Это требование противоречит интересам Порошенко - политолог

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, as you can assume, will not seek from Parliament the extension of his official powers, since the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine de facto is under the control of the President.

This commentary, ГолосUA said the scientist, head of the analytical center “INPOLITE” Sergey Bykov.

“Happy is really controlled by the President. And he was very indignant independent activities of Vladimir Borisovich. And to rein in Vladimir Borisovich, the President even sets quietly on the Prime Minister SAP” – says the analyst.

Sergey Bykov gave the analogy of the approaches of SAP to work with the work of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) of the United States.

“SAP collects information about all the members of the government, and the leadership of the Central authorities. You may ask why? It’s very simple.

The President wants to suppress the intentions of Volodymyr Groisman, he was only a puppet, which can be hung all crisis issues and problems. Tariffs raised? So it’s Groysman! Ay-ay-ay! The economy is not growing? So it’s Groysman modify! Problems at customs or in the regions? Volodya, well, how are you !? Ay-ay-ay! The tool also verified the materials and criminal cases. But Presidential control of law enforcement officers – is a direct path to dictatorship. I advise you to read the history of the activities of the FBI during Edgar Hoover. Then the FBI could an independent because he had dirt on everyone, including the President and his entourage, and thus protected from impact. Today, the heads of law enforcement and anti-corruption bodies connected with the office of the President not only with a telephone cord, but the cord. They are one and the same. Unfortunately”, – said S. Bykov.

We will remind, in November of 2018, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman urged the deputies to adopt the amendments to the law on the Cabinet of Ministers, provide for the extension of the powers of head of government. He said this during an hour of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada, UKRINFORM reports. “I support restoring order in the country and I want to say from the government as the Prime Minister that we have not enough powers. Temporary, maybe, consider. I will submit (for consideration by the BP – ed) of amendments to the law on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on strengthening the powers of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. If you support it, I declare that within three months will result in a real order, ” – said Groisman.

It also became known that in August 2018, a Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor interested in detailed information on all members of the Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr hroysman. Writes about this EP.

This information is specified in the letter of the Deputy head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Vladimir Krivenko, which was circulated by the head of the expert organization StateWatch Gleb Kanevsky.

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