Gritsenko in 2006 hurt the modernization of the headquarters of the management system.

Гриценко в 2006 году навредил модернизации штабной системы управления, - эксперт

Colonel of the joint operations staff of the armed forces Sergey Litvinenko harshly criticized the work of Anatoly Gritsenko to the post of Minister of defense of Ukraine – in particular, its negative role in the modernization of the Unified automated control system (SACS).

The process of modernization of the management system began in 2001. For work was held by domestic state enterprise “ukroboronservis”, which had experience in development system planning and operations joint operations command and the Navy, and had admitted to such developments. The system has received the cipher “Kalina-1”. The results and feedback were the positive control of naval forces of Ukraine started to be equipped with latest communication and automation. The modernization was necessary since, for example, in the Crimea, the Ukrainian Navy fully “auditioned” counterintelligence of the black sea fleet and technical services of FSB of Russia. Future enemy, and knew all about the combat readiness of our Navy, removed all the information from channels of communication and control.

But, in 2006, a system of “Kalina-1” the military had to forget. By order of Anatoly Gritsenko from 18.09.2006, No. 540, work began on creating a new single system of control “nick”, with the involvement of German software product. The tender for the work was not carried out. The state programme for 2006-2011, the priority reason was just “nick”. The project implementation was assigned to OOO Scientific-research Institute of automated computer systems ECOTECH.

According to Litvinenko, the involvement of the commercial structure and content of a foreign software product of a control system of the armed forces of Ukraine created a specific threat to the national security of Ukraine. In addition, the development of “Nika” took part of a little-known scientific-production firm “Enran Telecom”, in which the Director of development worked son Anatoly Stepanovich from his first marriage, Alex is a future activist of “Automaidan”.

In the end, the budget “Kalina-1” with 100% of the domestic software and a high degree of security of information, was $ 128 million, and the budget of “Nicky” in the contract – 100 million UAH. But the German license cost extra – UAH 1.6 billion, and technical support – about 300 million UAH. staff training – 850 thousand UAH. Overall, the budget “Nicky” made up UAH 2 billion. At the same time, “Kalina” covered 31 automation object, and “Nika” – only 12.

Colonel of the joint operations staff of the armed forces Sergey Litvinenko believes that Gritsenko roughly violated the principle of state control over the development and creation is critically important for the Ukrainian armed forces management system. Moreover, the specialists of security service and service “Direspect’yazku” and information protection was against the use of foreign software to handle classified information.

For two years – 2006/2008.g. “nick” was listed 57 million 590 thousand UAH. Supporters of the measures organized and carried out by the direct persecution of “Kalina” for another several years, until in 2010 the Ministry of defence and the General staff has not suspended the implementation of the German software for the ROC “Nika” – outraged retired Colonel Sergey Litvinenko.