Grisly details of the crash of the Russian rocket: the Astronauts were lucky to be alive – news ZIK.UA

Russian aviation expert Vadim Lukashevich gave an emotional interview to the Russian radio station “Silver rain”, during which he stated that the Russian government is trying to mitigate the emergency incident the Soyuz rocket.

According to him, the people on Board had a miraculous escape, reports the Commander in chief.

Моторошні подробиці аварії російської ракети: Космонавти вижили дивом – новини ZIK.UA

Lukashevich noted that the CAC staff equipment separated from the head fairing before the onset of an emergency and could not have saved the astronauts. (SAS is actually a large mast mounted on the upper end of the rocket. This mast is equipped with engines that at the time of occurrence of the accident should thwart the ship with astronauts from other parts of the rocket at high speed to take him to a safe distance).

“Needle [SAS] was dropped on 115 according to the second sequence, and 118 seconds the four side blocks … For some reason, separating one side of the block there was an emergency. He at the moment of separation hit the core Central unit. The rocket launched. The control system tried to correct: the rocket began to turn against the flow. The situation has developed and in 46 seconds, when he had no emergency rescue system, took the team to the “Accident missiles”. And in this moment … the drainage system (provided in galkova fairing) their engines were able to detach the spacecraft from the rocket,” – said the expert.

“The astronauts were on the razor’s edge. They were only saved by the fact that the emergency situation has developed 46 seconds. If the impact of the block broke the Central unit, they would have simply smeared. They would have saved nothing. They were saved by a miracle”, – said Lukashevich.

According to him, to say that the astronauts saved the CAC, after it was rejected by the needle with the fairing in the normal sense is impossible. The expert said that the missile, according to him, it was collected with violation of technology.

We will remind, on October 11 during the launch of the space ship “Soyuz MS-10” with the new ISS crew accident occurred, and was made the emergency landing. The launch was dedicated to the centenary of Russian experimental machine-building plant of rocket-space Corporation “Energy”, which made “Unions”.

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