Grand “drain”: the official Apple website ahead of time appeared page iPhone 9

Грандиозный «слив»: На официальном сайте Apple раньше времени появилась страница iPhone 9

Employees of Apple made a mistake and prematurely launched on the official website page dedicated to the iPhone 9. A few days before the release, fans were able to learn more about the new device.

It is reported portal the latest news.

The autumn presentation of the new products from Apple is scheduled for September 12. Despite the attempts of the staff of the “Apple” of the company to maintain all the devices in secret, insiders are able to find out more information about the upcoming debut of the gadgets. While the employees themselves and from Cupertino make mistakes ahead of time and publish secret information. One of those missteps have become the start page on the iPhone 9.

Users have access to a small portion of the data, however, this will be enough, that potential buyer could pre-generate the primary idea of the new device. The pictures on the website indicate, customers will be able to choose colors, represented by several shades. In addition, the device will get a quick 18-watt charging. Available at also the program allows you to find the comparative points in relation to the more expensive and powerful phones.

According to the Internet user, the appearance of the page are not accidental. The company decided to test the audience and to know ahead of time the opinion of people. This will allow the presentation to conduct a more successful marketing plan.

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