GPU has no time to investigate real crimes, and the opposition of the administration – there is time.

У ГПУ нет времени расследовать реальные преступления, а на оппозиционера Вилкула - время есть, - эксперт

This will eventually undermine even the meager remnants of trust people in power

“The Prosecutor General’s office, there is always room to defeat another idea for opposition politicians, for example, Valery Dubila, or the removal of immunity of Mr Vilkul, who can become a candidate. But in order to investigate the shelling of a car in which was the assistant of Mr. Yuriy Odarchenko of the Batkivschyna – there is no time”, – said in a broadcast on NewsOne political analyst Yuri Gavrilechko.

The expert believes that the security forces, carrying out political orders of power, demonstrate a complete failure in matters that they really need to control security and the rule of law, fight against corruption. “Since 2014 we’ve all blamed on some terrorists, what the saboteurs do not find. If you do not find blame, then the question arises – what does the General Prosecutor’s office”, he said.

The Minister of economy 1997 – 1998 Viktor Suslov, commenting on the broadcast NewsOne consideration of procedural Committee BP, the performance of the GPU on the removal of immunity from one of the opposition leaders Alexander Vilkul, said, “Vilkul, recall, has positioned itself as one of the presidential candidates. In these circumstances, it is necessary to be very careful with him, his prosecution, if it is an attempt to knock out one of the real candidates, which pretends to be a representative of the South-Eastern part of Ukraine, then, of course, in a democratic country is not tolerated.”

We will remind that earlier the procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada issued a decision following the consideration of re-nomination of attorney General on removal of inviolability from the people’s Deputy Alexander Vilkul. The document stated specific facts of falsification of criminal proceedings against the opposition.

Including that the witnesses testified against the administration under pressure. Witness – the former head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, 70-year-old Vadim Kobylyanskogo without a court order, the Prosecutor’s office was placed in December 2017 in an unheated chamber and demanded to give false testimony against opposition. But even in these conditions Kobylecki not agreed to stipulate the MP. He signed the compromise proposed by the Prosecutor’s office that he allegedly called the admissions administration. The statement of the witness, the deputies received during the meeting.

In addition, it turned out that the laws referred to in the Prosecutor’s office, including the Land Code, the action ceased in 2001.

Also during the Committee meeting Oleksandr Vilkul gave the official documents, including the decision of Nikopol court, that his phone was illegally tapped without the approval of Parliament.

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