Google Maps Troll “Putin’s dacha” – news ZIK.UA

According to Google Maps, the property is situated on the Black sea shore in Gelendzhik, in the Krasnodar region of Russia, on Cape Decopac.

In 2015, the Fund of struggle against corruption released a major investigation, which argued that the complex belongs to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the press Secretary of the President publicly denied his involvement in “the cottage” –

В Google Maps тролять «дачу Путіна» – новини ZIK.UA

Users started to write sarcastic comments about “Palais Poutine 1Milliard”, like “literally “presidential Suite” a”, “a Wonderful place! Most strongly remembered the smell of spent the taxes of citizens of the Russian Federation to the Palace of Putin”, “It’s not even the first line! Will not go there.”

В Google Maps тролять «дачу Путіна» – новини ZIK.UA

Soon the “Palais Poutine 1Milliard” disappeared from Google Maps, but in place of summer residence there was a place called “the Palace of the Corrupt” (Dvorets Korruptsionera). He is 1.5 stars and 30 reviews in the same sarcastic style. “The horror, while asleep, had been robbed!! Breakfast – taxes, for lunch – “hold on,” for dinner… and for dinner – “have you had Breakfast”,” wrote one commenter. “Very delicious food, you can eat meals with sanctions products, cheese and mussels,” wrote another, and rated the place one star.

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