Google apologized to employees for the use of the word “family”

В Google извинились перед сотрудниками за использование слова «семья»

Google employees troubled by the fact that the company uses the word “family” only in respect of heterosexual couples with children, considering it “offensive, inappropriate, homophobic”.

This was reported by The Daily Caller.

Unhappy, incorrect, in his opinion, the use of the word “family” in weekly report on production, employee of Google has provoked outrage and other colleagues. About 100 employees agreed that the company interpreterpath the word wrong.

One of the employees noticed that his family is “not a heterosexual couple who have two and a half child, white picket fence and a dog.” However, this does not mean that he and his friends TRANS-women are not family.

Google Vice President Pavni, Diwanji (Pavni Diwanji) acknowledged that the company used the wrong terminology, and asked for help from colleagues build an inclusive culture in the team.

Also, earlier it was reported that Google turned serial killer Andrei Chikatilo in the number of “distinguished alumni” of the southern Federal University (SFEDU) was created on the basis of Rostov state University.