Golden Globes 2019 : Glenn Close makes them cry the meeting with his speech paying tribute to women (VIDEO)

Golden Globes 2019 : Glenn Close fait pleurer l'assemblée avec son discours hommage aux femmes (VIDÉO)

Rewarded with the title of Best actress for her performance in the film The Wife at the Golden Globes 2019, Glenn Close has moved the assembly with his speech. With tears in her eyes, the actress of 71-year-old has delivered a vibrant homage to women and to his mother who died in 2015.

“I think a lot about my mother”, introduces Glenn Close, moved, on the stage of the Golden Globes 2019. This Sunday 6 January, the actress of 71 years, received the statuette for Best actress for her role in The Wife of Björn Runge (at the cinema in the near future), thus passing in front of the favourite Lady Gaga for her performance noticed in A star is born. His trophy in hand, Glenn Close has provoked a wave of tears and applause in the assembly with his speech touching on the women. The actress recalls first of all his mother : “She who has always supported my father all her life, and who told me ‘I have the feeling of not having done anything’, then that is completely false”. Then she continued, inspired : “I have learned, throughout my experience, we women, we have this function that sustains us, it is what is expected of us. We have our children, our husband, if we have the chance, or our partner, whatever it is. But we need to do and we grow personally, we need to pursue our dreams ! We need to assert ourselves and say : ‘I am able to do this !’ and ‘I have the right to do this'”.

Who died in 2015, the mother of Glenn Close was married at the age of 18, putting an end to his studies and his professional aspirations. An example of which is used today the actress, wishing that every woman can be fulfilled without compromise.

Words that have caused a standing-ovation. To conclude this speech, poignant, Glenn Close said : “When I was little, like Mohamed Ali that could not be seen otherwise as a boxer, I’ve never seen otherwise as an actress. This will make 45 years that I do this job and I could not imagine a more beautiful life. Thank you”. This award is the third for the Golden Globes the actress. She has already been nominated in 2008 as Best actress in a television series drama for her role in Damages , and in 2005, Best actress in a tv movie for her role in The Lion in winter.