Global warming will lead to a shortage of beer – scientists – news ZIK.UA

Global warming and other climate changes will have a negative impact on the barley crop around the world, which will result in a shortage of beer and jump in the drink.

This is stated in a study published in the journal Nature Plants.

Глобальне потепління призведе до дефіциту пива, – вчені – новини ZIK.UA

Scientists using climate models tried to figure out how extreme weather conditions affect the barley crop in the next 80 years. Then using economic models, they calculated how this will affect production and the cost of beer in different countries.

The results showed that under the worst – case scenario in extreme heatwaves and drought – there will be a shortage of barley, that will certainly affect the volumes of production of beer and its price.

It is expected that this will especially hit the key countries – producers of beer, including Belgium, the Czech Republic and Ireland, the study says.

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