Glamorous, sporty, sexy… Nina Dobrev in all its states on Instagram (PHOTOS)

Glamour, sportive, sexy… Nina Dobrev dans tous ses états sur Instagram (PHOTOS)

Revealed by the series Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev has also become a queen of Instagram. The actress is celebrating 30 years January 9, 2019.

Born in 1989 in Bulgaria, Nina Dobrev grew up in Canada, starting very young dance classes and gymnastics, where its high flexibility, even today. If the actress has started in the series canadian Degrassi : the next generation, it is especially the series Vampire Diaries , which revealed Nina Dobrev. She played the character of Elena Gilbert, a high school student fresh and brilliant, lost after the death of his parents in a car accident that also nearly cost her life. In September, she made the acquaintance of a new student mysterious, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), who she quickly falls in love. Before discovering his secret : he’s a vampire !

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Nina Dobrev has played Elena Gilbert for six seasons before leaving the series to sail into new adventures. It is, however, returned for the finale, broadcast in may 2017. Since his departure from Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev has not been idle, on the contrary. She has shot with Vin Diesel in XXX : Reactivated, with Ellen Page in The Experience prohibited : Flatliners, or Christina Applegate in Crash Pad. In January 2019, it makes its return in the lead role of Fam, a sitcom for CBS.

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Nina Dobrev is especially become a new icon of glamour. Young, beautiful, bubbly, the actress is also very active on social networks, to the delight of his fans. On Instagram, Nina Dobrev post very many pictures, particularly of its outputs between girlfriends. Very well surrounded, the actress is rarely alone on Instagram. The opportunity for its fans to discover the actress in all its states, at work, in full session of sports, or when his delusions with her friends.

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