Glad not removed from the main investigation Department of parliamentary immunity for prosecutors rigged the case

Рада не сняла с Вилкула депутатскую неприкосновенность по сфальсифицированному прокуратурой делу

For a fabricated case against one of the leaders of the opposition refused to vote the majority of MPs, including even Pro-government parties. Gaining only 137 votes.

Oleksandr Vilkul commented on the results of the vote Parliament: “Even initially negatively against me-minded members of the regulatory Committee and all the deputies present in the hall, from other political parties, it became clear that the case is 100% rigged. No, not that part, there is no evidence of a crime. All these accusations is the attempt of power by the hands of the Prosecutor General, as a tool to eliminate a political opponent who does not want to negotiate and to dance to their tune. This sweep of the political field before the election”.

Рада не сняла с Вилкула депутатскую неприкосновенность по сфальсифицированному прокуратурой делу

“Parliament has not removed my parliamentary immunity on false “case”

Today we witnessed another series of slapstick-inspired politicians from the state office of public Prosecutor. It is the politicians.

Because their goal is not an effective investigation, evidence gathering and punishment of criminals, but against political opponents and public relations.

It is to eliminate your competitors, in this case we are talking about me.

They go for the blackmail, fraud.

Tortured and intimidated witnesses, poison my lawyers.

My lawyers found the actions of the employees of the GPU signs 7 offences of the Criminal Code, and for all these crimes collected evidence.

The government has turned the security forces into an instrument of pressure.

But, sooner or later, the forgers will not go away from responsibility.

But if there is another attack, I’m also sure that I will be able to defend his good name in any fair court.

And if it will not be able to do in Ukrainian courts, then it will justify me, the European court of human rights,” he wrote on his page in Facebook opposition.

“I will continue political struggle against this regime of corruption and terror, that they launched,” – said Vilkul.

The lawyer of the administration Oleg Babich wrote on his Facebook page: “the Parliament voted for the lifting of parliamentary immunity in the administration. The Prosecutor General’s office went too far when he tried to accuse the administration almost even in the destruction of the “chapel of the 14th century”.

When the facts were revealed that the main witness, prosecutors were forced to give false testimony under torture, and the laws referred to by the security forces, have lost effect in 2001, the people’s deputies refused to vote as have the power”.

We will remind, it became clear that the witness, a 70-year-old Vadim Kobylyanskogo without a court order, the Prosecutor’s office was placed in December 2017 in an unheated chamber and demanded to give false testimony against the administration. But even in these conditions Kobylecki not agreed to stipulate the MP. Kobylecki signed a compromise proposed by the Prosecutor’s office that he allegedly called the admissions oblgosadministratsii. Vilkul showed video testimony Koylazov right in the courtroom before the vote: Videopakistani Kobylyanskogo

Defender Vilkul, former lawyer of Yuriy Lutsenko, ex-Deputy Prosecutor General Alexey Baganets has accused the General Prosecutor’s office in the artificial creation of evidence and falsification of materials of pre-judicial investigation for bringing knowingly innocent persons – the people’s Deputy Oleksandr Vilkul to criminal liability.

The defense also provided material showing the groundlessness of the accusation of the GPU that Vilkul, being the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, in 2011, allegedly illegally took the land in the Pokrovsky district of Dnepropetrovsk region.

It turned out that the land remains in state ownership, and in 1999, 10 years before the politician became Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, the decision on the allocation of state land for rent in Ordzhonikidze mining and processing plant was accepted by the Parliament. In 2016, the Ministry of justice confirmed the validity of the agreement concluded by the regional state administration in 2011, and he was again extended by the current leadership of the state administration. It broke and the second paragraph of the Prosecutor.

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