“Give them guns”: Lukashenka is ready to give the biathletes a dangerous weapon

"Дайте им пулеметы": Лукашенко готов раздать биатлонисткам грозное оружие

Women’s team of Belarus was withdrawn from the race

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has criticized the performance of Belarusian athletes in the relay race at the world Cup in Canada, saying “such a shame more was not”. Women’s team of Belarus was withdrawn from the race in the middle of the third stage, because of the lag in the circle, as a result, it took 16-th place. In the men’s relay Belarusians showed a 12-th result. Note that the national team of Ukraine also failed the women’s relay, finishing in 14th place.

“It’s a shame. Such a shame more was not” – said Lukashenko. According to the head of state, he discussed the statement of the Belarusian biathlon Olympic Champions Darya Domracheva and Nadezhda Scardino. “I told Dasha and Nadia – we should get back,” – said Lukashenko, reports segodnya.ua.

He also said that high-level athletes in the country will not spare funds for the world’s best equipment. “We’ll buy a thousand pairs (ski – ed.) and choose the best one. The main thing that they run, and will give them rifles, machine guns… anything but that they are engaged and running, and not disgrace the country as our athletes perform at this year” – said Lukashenko.

Earlier, Lukashenko has repeatedly criticized the state of Affairs in Belarus in winter sports, including ice hockey and biathlon. Last in South Korea the Olympics, he stated that “shame… I would like to hide somewhere under the broom under the window to crawl”. In addition, the national team of Belarus hockey at the end of the world Cup in Denmark lost his place in the elite division, where have been playing since 2005.