Girl danced Nude in the bus in front of the cameras (VIDEO)

Девушка станцевала обнаженной в автобусе перед камерами (ВИДЕО)

First, the girl who got on the bus with a friend, had behaved, as other passengers, but then suddenly began to undress.

This writes the

The incident occurred in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, and came to the surveillance camera. The girl apparently decided to make a show for passengers, took off all clothes and began to dance, using the handrails. According to witnesses, after she asked for money for their “performance”. But someone said about a dancer to the driver. And then the star has decided to retire, finally dressed and wrapped in a shawl.

While the girl to identify failed. But the transport Minister of New South Wales called her behavior unacceptable. It was supported by many users of social networks, when the video became viral. They were concerned that the bus could be children, and found the actions of the girl disrespect for others. However, there were also those who idea the dancers seemed quite cheerful.

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