“Get out of here!” Japan has unveiled the nuances of the transfer of the Kuril Islands by Russia

''Уходите отсюда!'' Япония рассекретила нюансы передачи Курил Россией

The possible transfer of part of Russia’s Kuril Islands to Japan must fully agree on the locals.

As stated by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the possible transfer of the Islands does not imply the resettlement of Russians from these territories, and the negotiations did not initially hold the position of “get out of here”, reports TASS.

“It (the possible transfer of the Islands. – Ed.) should be so that living there the Russians agreed with the transition equipment (the territories. – Ed.) to Japan”, – said the Prime Minister.

“All who now live on the Islands the Russians. Unfortunately, the former (Japanese. – Ed.) the islanders are in a situation where they can no longer afford to live there,” – said Abe

He also said that the implementation of the concept of joint Japan-Russian economic activities on these Islands will help to outline their future, in which the Japanese and Russians will be able to live and work together.