Get”, gaspode”: mosquitoes forced the thief to surrender to police news ZIK.UA

In the U.S. the settlement Campbellsport, Wisconsin, the thief has not made mosquito bites and decided to surrender to the police.

It is reported

Дістали «гаспиди»: комарі змусили злодія здатися поліції – новини ZIK.UA

The suspect stole alcohol from the grocery store and tried to escape by car. In pursuit of him sent a police car. Upon reaching the cornfield, the attacker jumped out of the car and ran into the bushes.

To go far the thief failed. While he was wandering in the corn, it began to beat mosquitoes. In addition, it was unclear where to go next. As a result, the husband could not stand, came out from the bushes and surrendered to police.

According to police, over the past month the suspect has made several forays into the store and stole alcohol in the amount that exceeds 1.4 thousand dollars. His accomplice, who managed to escape, keep looking.

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