Get drunk and molested In Russian history teacher had molested EN masse wards at the tournament “What? Where? When?”

Спаивал и приставал: В РФ учитель истории массово растлевал подопечных на турнире «Что? Где? Когда?»

In the Russian city of Kazan history teacher Ayrat Mukharlyamov was accused of sexual harassment for Schoolgirls. The teacher drove the students to the tournaments of intellectual games “What? Where? When?” (CPP), and during trips drunk girls and demanded “his pleasure”.

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Checking against the teacher began Prosecutor’s office of Kazan. She was appointed by the local media. Seven former students of Airat Mukharlyamov talked about how as a history teacher, solder them and stripped during tournaments CPP.

Girls claim that they harassed their teacher for 4 years — in the years 2013-2017. Mukharlyamov in that time has worked in several best educational institutions of the capital of Tatarstan.

Former students say that the teacher touched their Breasts, put their hands in the pants and demanded a blow job. One of the girls remembered how Mukharlyamov pulled down her pants. As a reward the teacher offered 15-year-old girl a pack of cigarettes, says the victim of sexual harassment.

He Airat Mukharlyamov said that no sexual harassment during his trips with students to tournaments was not. The management of schools, where he worked as a teacher, assures that complaints against him were reported.

However, the teacher was suspended from work in the camps CPP for Kazan students — as noted by the organizers, due to the “peculiar” methods of working with children, writes “Kazan reporter”.

Recall, 28-year-old elementary school teacher in California arrested for sexual harassment in relation to 10-year-old pupil.