German spy and 50 cigarettes a day: 10 interesting facts about Coco Chanel

German spy and 50 cigarettes a day: 10 interesting facts about Coco Chanel
German spy and 50 cigarettes a day: 10 interesting facts about Coco Chanel
One of the most famous designers of the XX century – Gabriel Chanel, August 19 would be 135 years old. She was born in a small French town of Saumur. We collected the most interesting facts from the life of the legendary woman with a capital letter in the fashion world.

1. Nickname “Coco”, which became her second name and part of the corporate logo, she received in her youth when she sang in a cabaret. She sang the song Qui qu’a vu Coco, on which she received her nickname. To this day, rumors have come that the closest friends called Chanel Coco is not at all because of gay songs, but because of her cocaine addiction. In addition, every day Coco smoked up to 50 cigarettes a day!

2. The first boutique of ladies’ hats Chanel opened in Paris in 1910. But the real revolution began in 1913 in Deauville, where she created the first collection of sportswear.

3. Coco Chanel ventured to offer women to wear comfortable clothes, sewn from jersey – a material that had not been used in high fashion before and was considered suitable only for utilitarian men’s things.

4. In 1921 Chanel released the perfume Chanel number 5, which, in fact, has become another revolution. Perfume was invented by her order by perfumer Ernest Bo. But very few people know that Dmitry, the grandson of Alexander II, introduced her to Ernest Bo, the former perfumer of the royal court!

5. Chanel also created a collection of jewelry – Bijoux de Diamants in 1932. However, the jeweler was created only once. And although the Chanel pearls are one of the iconic elements of the Chanel style, Gabrielle was very fond of jewelry.

6. After the Second World War, Chanel left France and left for Switzerland. After all, after the occupation of France by the Nazis, Chanel closed all her shops. It is rumored so far that during the Second World War the fashion designer cooperated with German intelligence! At the age of 71, she returned, because she was dissatisfied with how the fashion of that time developed.

7. At the same time she came up with another iconic piece of clothing – a tweed jacket Chanel. The recognizable silhouette remains one of the main sources of inspiration for the current chief designer of the brand Karl Lagerfeld.

8. The main hit of the collection in 1957 – two-color shoes. Like the tweed jacket, beige shoes with a black toe are constantly appearing in the modern collections of the brand.

9. Another invention Chanel – a bag 2.55, which is popular so far. And in February 1955 she presented her purse on a long chain.

“I’m tired of wearing reticuli in my hands, besides, I always lose them,” Chanel explained.
10. Fans of the proposed Chanel style became numerous stars. For example, a regular customer Chanel was a German actress Romy Schneider. The costume of Chanel was on the first lady of the USA Jacqueline Kennedy on the day of the murder of her husband John F. Kennedy.

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